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    Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Chromatics, Goethes’s Farbenlehre, 1810. Published by Cotta, Tübingen. The complete book: Via Linda Hall Library, Kansas.

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    Shadows and a disappearing Kentile Floors Sign

    Gowanus, Brooklyn

    (Source: Flickr / joelzimmer)

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    Visual Identity of TDC Annual Exhibition in Taïwan
    by ken-tsai lee

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    Dieter Rams, Braun table lighter, 1968. Photo: Koichi Okuwaki

    (Source:, via design-is-fine)

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    A human being weighing 70 kilograms contains among other things:
    -45 litres of water
    -Enough chalk to whiten a chicken pen
    -Enough phosphorus for 2,200 matches
    -Enough fat to make approximately 70 bars of soap
    -Enough iron to make a two inch nail
    -Enough carbon for 9,000 pencil points
    -A spoonful of magnesium
    I weigh more than 70 kilograms.

    And I remember a TV series called Cosmos. Carl Sagan would walk around on a set that was meant to look like space, speaking in large numbers. On one of the shows he sat in front of a tank full of all the substances human beings are made of. He stirred the tank with a stick wondering if he would be able to create life.
    He didn’t succeed.

    Erlend Loe, Naïve. Super (via observando)
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    William Ludlow, Italic Typography, 1927. Shown is Aldus Pius Manutius.Ludlow Typography Company. USA. Via

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